Microblading – The Brows You’ve Always Wanted

Microblading is one of the latest trends to take the beauty industry by storm. Why is it so popular? It’s the most natural looking form of semi-permanent make-up used to achieve beautiful, fuller looking brows. It can be used to achieve the brow shape you’ve always desired, fill in gaps from over plucking and frame your face.

How does it work?

The treatment takes around two hours to complete. The first step is mapping out the desired brow shape in pencil. This can take up to an hour to ensure the shape is perfectly designed to flatter your face and the arch placement, length and thickness is just right for you.

A specially designed brow compass it used to give you your precise measurements. This is an extremely important step in the process and the microblading will not begin until the shape is designed perfectly and you are happy with the design. Whilst the brows are designed to improve your facial symmetry, it’s important to remember the brows will not be microbladed identically. Brows should be sisters, not twins. A natural look is the end goal with this treatment.

Once the shape is marked, the microblading can begin. A handheld tool with a small blade consisting of tiny needles is used to make shallow incisions in the skin for the pigment to sink in. Individual strokes are used to mimic the look of natural hair.
The results speak for themselves. Natural looking, beautiful brows with crisp hair like strokes; a far cry from the solid blocky results of conventional tattooing.

A top up treatment is carried out 6 weeks after your first treatment to reinforce the pigment. The results will then last up to a year, making the treatment fairly low maintenance. However, you will still need to maintain your natural brow hair as you normally would if you have tinting and waxing done. This makes it a great partner for HD brows.

Want to know more? Book a free consultation with our microblading technician, Tanya. She will answer any questions you may have and talk you through the whole process from pre-procedure through to treatment aftercare. Trained by industry leaders at one of the most renowned academies in the UK for semi permanent make-up, she has all the experience to put you at ease.


£160.00 - standard
£169.99 – price includes top up treatment after 6 weeks

* (£40 deposit required)

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