Spray Tanning, Cleckheaton

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Spray Tanning, Cleckheaton.

Being constantly approached by my customers for a spray tan that is not only unique but long lasting I sought to use Beach Brown tanning products. All their products have been expertly designed to the highest quality, suitable for all skin types and needs, we chose to use this product as its 100% anti allergen and fragrance free. Parabens are not used in Beach Brown formulas. Using only the finest ingredients Beach Brown tanning solutions in Grade A DHA

Do you suffer with skin conditions and feel you can’t benefit with an all year glow? Then think again! By following our recommendation you too can feel you’ve spent two weeks in the Maldives. So if you suffer from eczema or psoriasis our advice for you is to use barrier cream in those areas as long as there is no wound or opening in sore areas.
With over 5 years of spray tanning experience, we at Maddalenas, believe that this is the best solution to use on our customers to give you the ultimate streak free healthy glow. No two peoples skin tone is the exact same and nor should your tan be, what suits one person may not suit another and with beach brown tanning solution you get a perfect suitable tan as this product is designed to work with your natural skin tone and pigmentation
Beach brown tanning solution comes in three different shades
12% 14% and now 16%
Fair, medium and dark. The favourable element of choosing Beach Brown is that it can be washed off in four hours whereas with other tanning solutions in order to achieve the same desired affect of tan you are advised to leave on 8 hours or more. Our tans can last up to ten days if you follow the right after-care advice.

Our top tips for before and after you have you spray tan:

Make sure you schedule your appointment to suit your needs for a
Special Event – book at least two days in advance
Going on holiday – we advise the day before you leave
Bride – recommended preliminary 2 week prior

It is recommended that you have a skin patch test done 24 hours before a tan unless you have had a tan within the past 6 month

Wax, hair and nail treatments should you wish, are advisable to be done 24 hours before you have your spray tan.
Being freshly shaved, showered and exfoliated before a tan gives you the best canvas for your tan.
On the day of your tan DO NOT use deodorants, moisturisers or perfumes on skin as this will leave marks and act as a deterrent from the solution.

Braless is best on the day as well as loose fitting clothes.

DO NOT wear tight fitting clothes i.e no skinny jeans or trainers. Flip flops are the best.

Immediate aftercare

DO NOT touch your skin whilst your tan is developing this will cause your fingers to tan ( not a good look)

Avoid water on skin whilst tan is developing, especially rain, make sure you take an umbrella with you to your appointment if the weather is bad, this also means no washing up!!

Avoid exercise, this causes perspiration and can spoil the tanning result.

After showering DO NOT rub your skin, it is advisable that you pat dry.

To prolong your tan

Moisturise morning and night with a non-oil based moisturiser as oil can strip you tan.

Avoid swimming as the chlorine can strip your tan, as will steam rooms and saunas.

Please remember that having a spray tan does not protect you from the sun and does not contain SPF therefore you will still need to protect yourself with a non oil based factor.

Ensure that you exfoliate all your tan off before your next tan, build up of old tan will have an adverse affect of the desired look you are trying to achieve.

Available in store we also stock Beach Brown self tanning mouse and self tanning cream, as well as the finest anti-wrinkle cream.

4 Comment(s)

20/03/2017, 12:00:44 PM

another well written blog. im becoming a fan of your work. not to mention the tans here are the best around in cleckheaton #maddalenas

20/03/2017, 12:02:08 PM

I come from the other side of Bradford to get my tans for my freestyle dancing. Stacey is the best i've come across over the past four years. I advise anyone that needs tans for dance to go to Maddalenas.. thank you Stacey xx

20/03/2017, 12:02:59 PM

Being a bloke, I wasnt sure about getting spray tans but stacey makes you feel really at ease during your tan.. lads holiday pre tans no milk bottle legs!!

20/03/2017, 12:03:27 PM

Fantastic tan done by Stacey, really natural looking & lasted too, everyone commented how great & sun kissed I looked. Would recommend in a heartbeat & great value too.

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