Eyebrow Threading, Cleckheaton

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Eyebrow threading in Cleckheaton.

Since i can remember my eyebrows and I haven’t seen ‘eye to eye’ or so to speak! One side was perfectly normal and the other, well that just did whatever it wanted! This was until i was introduced to threading, since that point i haven’t used any other form of brow shaping since.

You’ve heard the saying our brows are sisters not twins?!

I wont lie to you, threading does hurt, for me its about as much as waxing does, I have had the odd man sat in my brow chair screaming, I must admit it was funny! However you do get used to the feeling and eventually it wont hurt as much.

Around Cleckheaton Maddalena’s is well known for our perfect and precise expertise at eye brow shaping in threading.

So, what is Threading?

Its surprising how many times I’am asked this question, along side does it hurt!

Threading is an ancient form of hair removal, believed to be as old as 6000 years, originated in India and spread throughout the world from there. Using cotton or polyester the thread is doubled and twisted over the hair, the main mechanism regarding threading is that it can remove lines of hair at one time unlike tweezers which pulls individual hairs at one time. Advantages to threading unlike waxing, plucking and shaving are that it allows the therapist to shape the brow with more precise and control creating perfectly neat and angular set brows. It is also gentle on the skin. At Maddalena’s we use the hand method at threading, a little bit like cats cradle, a game played by girls at school. There are other ways to use threading methods using the mouth or neck but for us we feel that doing it our way is more hygienic.

To me your eyebrows can transform your look completely they frame your face and finish off your guise.

Our tips for you

  • Do make sure you visit a trained eye brow pro
  • Do communicate with the therapist make sure you get your view across of what you want regarding shape, thickness, angle etc.
  • Don’t put anything on your eyes e.g. moisturiser for at least 2 hours as pores are open
  • Do stay on top of your touch ups, we advise at least every 2 weeks to keep your brows the shape in angle that you desire.

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