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Can a chocolate spa really be good for you? Yes It Can!

Scientific evidence has proven that chocolate is actually good for you and improves your mood, as it contains feel good chemicals. The chemicals include serotonin and dopamine, this infacts helps boost your mood and helps you to feel motivated.

Milk chocolate contains vitamins and minerals that are all good for our body, such as B1, B2, E, (these help release energy from the food we take in!) Dark chocolate, is even better for you, so all your chocolate lovers will be pleased to hear that 70% of dark chocolate bars contain 12% of your recommended daily allowance of iron. So anyone who has an iron deficiency will definitely benefit from a chocolate treatment Not only that but chocolate contains antioxidants too!!

Have you ever noticed when you crave chocolate…. That is a sure sign your body could be trying to correct an imbalance in your levels!!

So can chocolate be good for our skin?

In a word yes!!

Antioxidants play a big role in helping fight the ageing effects on our body against free radical damage to our skin.

Free radicals can cause damage within our bodies such as diabetes heart disease and cancer, antioxidants can slow down the damage to our systems and wipe out the free radicals.

A chocolate wrap is a indulgent wrap treatment, the smell of chocolate is luxurious just enough to make you feel warm and snug as well as feeling happy, the chocolate is warmed and the feeling on your skin is like silk.

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