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Beauty Cleckheaton.

Beauty Cleckheaton

I'm Stacey Maddalena Nelson and I am writing this blog today as I am passionate about beauty and bringing the best top branded products to my salon. Having over 8 years’ experience as a beautician and running a well-established Hair and Beauty salon, I have now come away from the hairdressing side and put my focus into beauty. Thank god I have found a business partner, and she was right on my doorstep working in my salon as a Hairdresser. Louise Heaton had been working as a stylist for me for a year and has been extremely successful and built her clientele up very quickly. I soon offered her to come into business with me so I could focus more on the beauty side as it is something I am very passionate myself about. I wanted to work myself, doing more treatments on clients and I’ve been on more courses to push myself to be the best and fully trained in the latest products on the market.

Shellac Cleckheaton

Shellac is a branded product it lasts up to 14 days plus. A base coat is applied and two coats of colour, just like a polish, then a top coat is applied to give nails a high gloss shine. Shellac causes no damage to the nail, its quick curing time, as I have an amazing CND led machine. The treatment takes approximately 45 mins including a mini manicure. You will be spoilt for choice with the colours we have!

Entity Gel cleckheaton

I’ve found Shellac isn’t for everybody. But what I have found is Gel is an alternative option. Please be aware of other branded gel out there on the market that can ruin your nails as it is mixed with all sorts of harmful substances and be very difficult to remove. At Maddalenas we use a top leading brand Entity gel Couture this brand is top in America and is now recognised as a leading brand in the UK too. Entity Gel is breathable and gives more support on soft weak nails and also nails that split and peel easily. It is long lasting high gloss and also lasts up to 14 days plus. I have noticed some clients do prefer a gel look rather than a polish. It is the same procedure as shellac only we use an Entity led machine to cure.

We recommend Both Shellac and Entity to be soaked off in salon using the correct equipment.

Manicure Cleckheaton

Oh my god! I love this product! When my clients get fed up and want a change of colour it can easily be removed with nail polish remover in less than two minutes. Opi is the best leading brand in polishes I found myself compared to vinylux and china glaze. It’s richer in colour, the brush bristles are a lot thicker so it goes onto the nails smoother. To apply this treatment I use a base coat, two coats of colour and a high shine top coat. This dry’s within five minutes on each application. And it really does do what is says on the bottle. Lasts 10 days. This product lasts even longer on top of acrylic nails.

Pedicure Cleckheaton

Pedicures are becoming more and more popular at maddalenas. Not just for summer or going on holiday. I find I engage with my clients and a lot come just to relax from everyday stress, as this treatment includes a lovely foot massage and foot spa. And of course I use top leading brand CND spa range. Approximate treatment time 55 minutes.

I am also Qualified in other Treatments such as HD brows, Facials, Waxing, Intimate waxing, Lash tinting, Individual lashes, Tanning, Threading, acrylic nails.

I have other beauticians that work at Maddalenas that specialise in different areas such as media makeup, massage, nail technician.

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